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Crooked knife

A crooked knife is a one-handed draw knife form with a bent handle made from wood or antler. The knife's blade is made by modifying a flat steel file, farrier's knife, or straight razor to make a tanged blade with a cutting edge that is beveled on only one side. The blade's tang is inserted into a wooden or antler handle and is se-cured to the handle by sinew lashing, pitched string, wrapped wire or a metal sleeve.

Some people make an L shaped handle with the short arm of the L being a thumb rest. There is a second type of crooked knife, which has the L shaped handle but a straight blade coming out of the bottom at 90 degrees.

It was an invention of the woodland Native-Americans who were canoe, sled, and snowshoe builders. Because it is most often associated with carving the wooden ribs and other parts for canoes, it is sometimes called a “canoe knife.” Among the several nations of the Abenaqui (Abenaki), who were the predominant Algonquian people of New England, New Brunswick and the Canadian Maritimes, the crooked knife is called the bikahtagenigan (bee-kah-tah-gen-i-gan).
Crooked knife

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