Thursday, October 3, 2019

Hilt of Kris Tajong

The tajong is one of the more well known andyet least understood kris in the Malay Archipelago. Better known as the pekaka, pekakak or kingfisher the tajong is certainly one of the most flamboyant and dramatic kris variants in the family of kris forms.

The hilt of Kris Tajong has a very unique shape as a result of the consolidation of some of the elements that helped bring dignity and a certain ideology. It is very popular in Pattani, Kelantan and Terengganu.

It is originally brought the idea to the Hindu deity, clearly visible through the shape of the eyes, teeth and a long nose that were very similar to the characters in Shadow (Wayang Kulit) as Deity and Admiral.

Engraving on the body of the dagger hilt was carved with a variety of aggressive behavior that appeared so bravely in accordance with the character of the Malay warriors. While Islam began to spread widely in society at that time, indirectly, it also affected all forms of ideologies and thoughts of the people.

The hilt of Kris Tanjung also has been amended where the engraver is no longer emphasized the gods, and they prefer to choose the shape of the plants as a motifs and all forms that resemble gods were reduced.
Hilt of Kris Tajong

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