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Lawi ayam

Lawi awam is defined as a curvy weapon (but not a sickle), sharp along at both the inner and outer edges of the blade (sometimes only single edge is sharpened as a personal preference), equipped with a hole to insert finger at the hilt, and used with specific movements to wound, immobilize and even kill the opponent.

The lawi ayam blade is arguably the most unique, efficient and deadliest blade used in Malay Archipelago’s silat fighting arts. This knife can tear through flesh like paper, cut off fingers with little effort and disembowel a human with one swipe.

Each lawi ayam is traditionally created based on the owner’s eye size and the width of blade is based on the forefinger. Using the owner’s body measurements was believed to be the best way to make the weapon. Every lawi ayam was specially designed with a specific measurement of the user, thus highlighting the knowledge of the Malay blacksmiths on logical calculation of human body parts.

According to the reserchers Lawi Ayam is used by village people as a survival technology. The transformation of its use happened in wars be-tween the 15th a nd 19th century in certain states of the Malaysian peninsula such as Kelantan, Pahang, Johor, Selangor, and Perak.
Lawi ayam

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