Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tachi sword

The word tachi, the general term for the basic blade at this time, probably derives from tachikiru, “to cut in two” but in the Todai-ji kemmotsucho, a register of objects deposited by the emperor at the Shoso-in.

With Japan’s introduction of the script in the Nara era, also sword-related terms were adopted form the mainland.

The mounts attached to these tachi were all designed to be worn slung from a belt and because they hung horizontally the character meaning “horizontal” came to be used in connection with them. The tachi was for most of Japanese history, the proper sword to be won with armour.
Mostly the term tachi was written with the characters which mean “great sword” or “long word”, When we bring these characters in line with extant swords we learn that tachi was used for straight single-edged words with a blade longer than 2 shaku (60.6 cm) regardless of they were imported from the mainland or made in Japan.
Tachi sword
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