Monday, February 27, 2017

Who is pandai besi?

Next to glassblowing, woodworking, and pottery, pertukangan besi is one of the oldest trades in the world.

Pandai besi was called the craftsman’s craftsman since he made the tools for the other trades. Pertukangan besi as near as can be determined, originated in the Caucasus Mountain about 4000 years ago.

Basic pertukangan besi means of working the metals were psychical and chemical: air from the bellows, forge from the forge, water for tempering and tools separated by hand.
Pandai besi embody the skills to transform the elements of the universe. The take the basic element of the earth and transform it, working the metal into tools, weapons and jewelry.

Transformation processes were heating hammering and tempering (mainly with water).

Pandai besi changed their method and scale of working from one-of-a-kind to production of many. These changes, align with advances in technology, brought about their own demise; the disappearance of the individual pandai besi.

The result was a change from the small shop run, by the individual, multipurpose pandai besi to the large factory, hiring specialized workers for mass production.
Who is pandai besi?
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