Monday, February 6, 2017

Viking fighting weapons

Vikings were warriors and explorers from northern Europe. They aided European villages between the years of 700 and 1100.

Their fierce weapons helped them take whatever they wanted. The main offensive weapons were the spear, sword and battle-axe, although bows and arrows and other missiles were also used. Weapons were carried not just for battle, but also as symbols of their owners' status and wealth.

Battleaxes were symbols of Viking terror. The spear was the commonest weapon with an iron blade on a wooden shaft, often of ash and 2 to 3m in length. It was used for both thrusting and throwing.

Only the riches Vikings had sword. They were the most expensive and prized Viking weapons.

Vikings treasured their weapons and every Viking male had to learn to fight. Vikings not only fought in other territories, they fought at home amongst themselves.
Viking fighting weapons
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