Saturday, January 14, 2017

Okinawan weapons

As the people of Okinawa developed their karate techniques, they sometimes used their farming and fishing tools as weapons.

The Okinawan farmers used a seed planter called a sai, which became a very effective tool to defend against swords. They had a rice gatherer called a nunchaku, which became an effective offensive weapon.

The Okinawan art of weaponry is known as kobudo. The term kobudo translates as ‘old martial arts’. It is generally used, however, to refer to weapons training. Kubodo may be incorporated into an empty-hand curriculum as supplementary instruction or taught as a separate discipline, without cross-training in empty hand forms.

Okinawan di (hand) use empty hand forms that correspond precisely with weapon forms used in the system.

The three main weapons with which karate students train are the bo, the sai and the tonfa. Students are often taught to use weapons as they perform karate techniques they already know.
Okinawan weapons
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