Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bolas weapon

A bolas (or bola) is a weapon originally invented by native South Americans and still used by gauchos for hunting (for example) rheas, the large flightless birds of the pampas.

The bolas was principally a hunting weapon, but it became a war weapon that was used with some success against the Spaniards when the Indians observed how effectively it stopped their horses.

The bolas formed a terrible weapon among races ignorant of gun-powder. The Philippines used them with the rifle against the American troops during the protracted struggle that went on in 1899 and 1900.

The weapon must certainly have been introduced by the Spaniard Colonist, some of whom may have come direct from South America.

Bolas consists of a weight, such as a pair of balls or stones, on the end of a rope. Whirl and released, the bolas works by entangling its target in the cords and inflicts damage from the winding weights.

The young Charles Darwin experimented with the bolas while on horseback and managed to catch his own horse.
Bolas weapon
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