Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The bow

The bow probably man’s oldest projectile weapon, was in its simplest form, a pliable length of wood to which a cord was attached to both ends and from which another shaft of wood was propelled.

Two distinct types of bows are known from the ancient Near Eats, The first and earliest type was the self bow which made of a single piece of wood. The second was the composite bow, a later development and more powerful weapon which was made of laminated wood, horn and sinew.

The bow’s Latin name, arcus, has given the word archer, one who practices archery. The bow was in use in the Middle East by the Neolithic period (approximately 8000-3500 BC), when two types of bow construction were produced.

Bows allow people to shoot arrows farther and with greater force than is possible by simply throwing them.

At its most basic, a bow is a long thin piece so wood with a string stretched tightly from one end to the other. The string holds the wood in a curved position. More complex bow today made from wood, plastic or fiberglass.
The bow

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