Thursday, May 26, 2016

War weapon of ancient Inca

The keys to rapid Inca military successes lay in efficient organization and military infrastructure. The army was manned by peasants conscripted and warriors when needed. High ranking officers went to battle arrayed in colorful and distinctive military adornments.

Inca weapons consisted of spears, slings, bows, bronze maces, and wooden clubs. They wore amour or quilted cloth and metal plates and cane helmets.

Residing in a mountainous terrain that yielded little wood, the Inca’s most effective weapons were stones, rolled down hills or hurled from slingshots. Stones thrown from slings were the common weapon that could be used from a distance.

But while stones that Inca warriors hurled could kill as well as stun. Spanish iron helmets and mail or iron vest normally deflected the missiles of stone and rendered than incapable of deadly harm.

Inc also threw bolas, which were leather straps with rocks tied at the ends. When thrown at an enemy they wrapped around his legs and tripped him up.
War weapon of ancient Inca

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