Thursday, March 31, 2016

Butterfly knife

These are weapons of southern China that rank in the single-edged word category. They are short (one foot in length) broadswords that in ancient times could be easily carried in a leather case attached to the martial artist’s belt.

Butterfly knives also known as butterfly swords or butterfly sabres, these knives could be used against staves, spears and swords. Butterfly knife technique could also be adapted for use with kitchen shears or short axes.

The Wing Chun butterfly knife were said to have originally been carried by the monks of the Sil Lum Temple in their travels.

They were designed for close range fighting with a knife in each hand. The knife is equal in length to the practitioner’s fist and fore arm.

Butterfly knives are designed to be practical weapons. They’re sturdy short swords, built for powerful pokes and cutting strikes.
Butterfly knife
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