Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wood for kris sheath

Ornamental woods of many varieties were used for kris sheaths. The wood were scarce and the searches for such woods belonged to a special profession.

Sometimes hundreds of trees were notched to find one bearing a patterned patch of sufficient size to make a whole sheath. A woodcarver usually makes the hilt and the sheath of the kris using wood with an ornamental grain.

Sheath and hilt crafting was an art, each with its own masters. The materials were often rare and valuable, and krises incased in a sheath of beautifully craved and polished wood brought higher prices.

The wood sheath is usually covered with a silver wrapper although expensive ones for sultans may be covered in gold. Chased flower r plant motifs are use embellishment.

Among wood used for kris sheath are kayu kemuning, kemuning hitam, kemuning emas, jati etc.
Wood for kris sheath

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