Saturday, December 12, 2015

Negrito’s blowpipes

Negritos are regard as the earliest inhabitants of the Peninsular. They live in the jungle, hunt with blowpipe for birds and little monkeys. Negrito’s  blowpipes constructed of bamboo, consist of an inner and an outer tube.  In the outer, protective tube, the distal section appears to fit into the proximal, but the joint is concealed by a rattan binding covered with a black, gummy substance.

The mouthpiece is attached to a projecting, or slightly projecting, portion of the inner tube. A more or less apple-shape mouthpiece of wood, or of wild rubber of some kind, is the most usual type among the Negritos, though other styles are found.

The proximal portion of the outer tube is much longest. The inner tube is constructed of two joints of bamboo, place end and with a short retaining and strengthening tube, apparently of the same material, encircling the join.

The darts are short and consist of a conical head of palm pitch and s slender shaft of palm wood while they are notched above the poisoned point, so that this may break off in the wound. The poison is prepared from the sap of the ipol tree or Antiaris toxicaria and carried in a carefully closed bamboo tube.
Negrito’s blowpipes 

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