Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What is bowie knife?

Bowie knives were made long and short; light and heavy; single edged and double edged; straight backed and curved backed; clip point and spear point; plain and decorated; fixed blade and folding.

Though shape, size and decoration varied widely in the first two decades of the bowie knife era, all bowie knives had one thing in common: They were designed primarily as weapons.
Bowie knife made by Daniel Searles for Rezin Bowie, around 1830
Alamo defender Jim Bowie is perhaps more famous for the knife that bears his name than for his death at the Alamo. His brother Resin Bowie actually created the Bowie knife.

The knife Resin made for his brother around 1827 is thought to have had a blade about nine inches long and over an inch wide. Unlike other knives of the time, the upper edge of the blade was also sharpened. It was Jim Bowie, however, who made the knife famous. In a duel in Mississippi known as the Sandbar fight, he used his new knife to disembowel a man who had attacked him.
What is bowie knife?

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