Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Axe as a weapon

Battle axe was a military weapon of offence used in different countries from the remotest times.

Though it has been a crucial weapon since the dark times before civilization, it wasn’t until recent times that the primitive axe reached its full potential.

Axe among the most effective close-order weapons, the evolution of which over 1,500 years of warfare provides an excellent search for a new weapon to deal with the advances in protective body and hear armor.

The Saxons used an axe with a long handle, which they called a bill; this continued long in use and became the pole-axe and bill-hook of modern times: they had also the double-axe, or twy-bill.

The Danes and Norwegians, however, probably made more use of this intstrument than any other nations of their times.
Axe as a weapon

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