Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Balisong knife

The balisong knife originated in the Philippines and along with other butterfly-style knifes, has been popularized in the United States in martial movies, in magazines and on television.

This weapon, which appeared in Batangas Province in the 1940s, was named for the ‘butterfly’ scissor action of its split-handle design. Another name for its was ‘click-click’ – the sound it made as it opened or closed.

The balisong utilized traditional Filipino martial art techniques designed around the dagger.

The balisong has a design characteristic that increase it effectiveness as a weapon that are not required for other purposes.

It is designed to fold as an ordinary jack-knife making it more easily concealable than a fixed-blade knife, such as a hunting blade, yet when opened the blade is fixed making shut with slight pressure.
Balisong knife

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