Saturday, July 21, 2012

Seven pa for making kris

In the process of making a new kris, the good high quality iron used. There are seven pa with reference to jawi ‘pa’ for making a new Malay kris:
Paku - nail
Parang – swords
Payung - umbrellas
Puting - hatchet
Pahat - chisel
Pedang - sword
Penukul – hammer

The best pa are the seven pa which has been broken for example a broken sword and broken chisel. If seven pa is taken from 7 places or seven river, or seven land it will increase the value and its power.

While there are four metals, namely gold, silver, bronze and copper are added as to increase the poisonous power of kris. The metals forged in accordance with certain rules and standard in order to get high value of kris.

The combination of seven ‘pa’ is believed to have its own advantages and secret mystical terms. It also symbolizes the hard work, diligence, enthusiasm and effort of someone who own the kris.
Seven pa for making kris
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