Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Poisonous kris

Kris is associated with fighting and war. The kris was sometimes regarded as poisonous. The poison was thought to be part of the old iron and perhaps hundred years of rust was poisonings in itself.

In the past kris blades might be poisoned with a concoction of cyanide and arsenic. It is perhaps because if the use of arsenic on the blade that the kris is referred to as a poisoned blade.

Some experts said the idea of a venomous kris must have come from its association with the sting ray, whose body comes a gland of poison,

When the fish’s sting is removed , some of it barb remain, the wound festers and death often follows.

Certain poison used is very strong that is so quick in its operation that it immediately move to the heart an cause instant death.

The poisons are discreet hard to trace and can be administrated either in deadly doses or in small doses over a period of times, leading to slow illness and death.
Poisonous kris
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