Monday, April 9, 2012

Kris Majapahit

Kris Majapahit is a type of kris usually small, with an anthropomorphic handle in the style usually associated with ancestor statues.
The origins of the Majapahit kris are still elusive.

Some people believed that the Keris Majapahit had a sexual identity – that a large kris was male, a small kris was female.

One legend avers that a kris Majapahit made by a certain empu, was made red hot, then tempered by drawn between his armpit and finally thrust into a tub of water.

To show equal skill, a female empu of the same village, fashioned a smaller, female kris by drawing the red hot blade between the lips of her vulva and thrusting it into the tempering water.

The oldest form of kris is the Majapahit iron kris, in which the baked and hilt are forged in one piece from meteoric iron. It has no separate ganja.

Some said that kris Majapahit evolved from the form of daggers made from the caudal spine of the ikan pari, the stingrays which abound in Indonesian water.
Kris Majapahit
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