Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hulu Kris Jawa Demam

Hulu Kris Jawa Demam
The handle or grip or hilt prefers a method of differentiation of the kris. This important part of the weapon is called the ‘ulu’.

One of the commonest and best known handles is identified as the jawa demam (the fever stricken Javanese).

The outline of the handle resembles a man hugging himself as if in the grip of fever chills.

Handles of old krises depict human figures or animals, while the designs on the newer ones tend to be abstract or geometric.

Another name of Jawa Demam is Jawa Demang. The structure of the ‘ulu’ originated from ‘ulu’ Anak Ayam. The difference that Jawa Demang given to much make-up compare with ulu Anak Ayam.
Hulu Kris Jawa Demam
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