Saturday, June 27, 2009


The L-shape rencong has a here to ten inch blade made of white iron or yellow metal, with a sheath of buffalo horn, ivory or exotic wood.

The pistol like grip allows powerful one or to handed blows as well as the kick thrust.

Since Acehnese are usually barefoot, developing the necessary foot strength and the suppleness for kick thrusts was not as difficult as it sounds.

Boys would practice walking or running with sticks held in their toes until they could easily maneuver the rencong.

The blade was carried upward between the first two toes, and the handle curled under the others.

Some rencong were not even sharpened since they were designed for stabbing, Sometimes it was left impaled in the victim’s belly or groin, held by the barbs at the base of the blade.

When used in two hands for a rib strike, the handle could be turned like a coffee grinder to produce a more destructive wound.
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