Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kris Tajong for Warrior

Kris Tajong for Warrior
The kris tajong is regarded as a warrior’s kris. Aggression is conveyed by the dark wood and in the fierce expression of the face carved in the hilt. The legs and arms found on early hilts are no longer present in this example as a result of Islamic influence though Langkasukan motifs on the body spiral and in the detail carving are still visible. The crosspiece of the sheath is flared, a shaped that is to derive from the fishing vessels of the same name in Pattani. The third eye of Siva is lightly engraved along the lower edge of the crosspiece.

It has been descried by many writers as a pekaka. The use of the term pekaka can probably be traced to an error on the part of one of the early British colonial researchers of the kris. Although it does resemble a bird, closer look at the handle shows it to be more of a "demonic" figurine.
Kris Tajong for Warrior
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