Friday, September 19, 2008

Pamur of the Malay Kris

Pamur of the Malay Kris
In the hottest part of the Malay forge the temperature was not high enough to melt the impure iron and produce a homogeneous alloy. The pamur, whose pattern could not be controlled, gained a talismatic value. Blades with unusually striking pattern on them must have been much in demand. It cannot have taken the smith long to discover that this natural veining could be reproduced or improved upon by hammering this layers of scarp-iron over the finished blade.

This artificial control of pamur would enable the smith to manufacture blades whose markings showed them to be lucky, according to prevailing belief, for any given purpose such as war or trade. It opened up the possibility that variations in the appearance of the pamur, reflecting small differences in the technique of manufacture, would be characteristic of the districts from which the blades came.

The Malay weapon expert says that pamur helps in making the mysterious value if the kris asserts itself. All old krises have pamur. It is especially during the manufacturing of the blade decoration that the smith show himself in his full scared function. Actually they are many design of pamur. Each of them is related to some particular dignity, status or profession.
Pamur of the Malay Kris
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