Sunday, August 10, 2008

Proper care of kris

Proper care of kris
The art of kris includes various accessories designed for its proper care. In Sumatra and Malaysia a ‘keris pusaka’ or heirloom kris merited a special cushion for its response.

In Java, krises of particular worth were often displayed on a wooden wall plaque carved in a vinyl or floral way or carved and painted with a ‘wayang’ theme. Krises of important families were sometimes stored in a fine cabinet built for that purpose. The best of this type of art comes from Bali.

There, the superb Balinese woodcarvers produced a unique sculptured figure for holding one or two krises. The figures are found in human or god-figure form, often benign in aspect but sometimes with a monstrous or ogre-like face.

Some of the carvings are most imaginative in their depiction of unlikely creatures grasping, or in some way, holding a kris. These colorful accoutrements add much to the understanding of the art of the kris and to the special care given to it by Malays everywhere.
Proper care of kris
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