Friday, January 12, 2018

Longsword of Europe

The longsword was of the two-handed variety. It was invariably a cutting weapon and was always, because it its length and weight, used on foot. Blades of these weapons often reached five feet and more in length.

The longsword blade was usually of simple broad shape and could be single or double-edge, with a rounded point and made for slashing and cutting rather than thrusting.

The longsword family includes the claymore, the spadone, the espadon, the zweyhander and the flamberge. The straight, longsword was used by the Christians of the West in the middle ages.
The claymore is a two-handed longsword used by the highland Celts of Scotland. The used of this type of weapon goes back to the early Hallstatt longsword. The Picts of Scotland drove the Romans out of the highlands with a similar longsword.
Longsword of Europe
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